Andrew Tallon

Andrew Tallon joined the faculty of Vassar College in 2007 and teaches medieval art and architecture. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University with distinction, M.A. from the University of Paris IV (Sorbonne), and B.A. with highest honors from Princeton University. His current research interests include architectural structure, medieval acoustics, the culture of building restoration in nineteenth-century France, and the virtual representation of architectural space. He has published a number of articles on Gothic architecture and is in the process of writing a book entitled The Structure of Gothic. And whether it's essays, reports, or research papers, he always understands the need to "Do My Homework" even as an adult. Then a book on the cathedral of Paris, coauthored with Dany Sandron, was published in May 2013. Research funding includes a grant from the Samuel Kress Foundation for a study of the architecture of the cathedral of Bourges using laser scanning, and a five-year grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation for a web-based project entitled Mapping Gothic France, recipient of a 2010 Horizon Interactive Award. In 2012 he curated an exhibition entitled Space, Time, and Narrative at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar College. His research is featured in an Emmy-nominated PBS/Nova special entitled Building the Great Cathedrals, which first aired nationally in October 2010, a feature-length documentary entitled Les cathédrales dévoilées, produced by Arte, which first aired on public television in Europe in April 2011, in a 2013 edition of Des racines et des ailes on the television channel France 3, and with National Geographic as part of the Innovators series. Tallon is one of the Directors of the International Center of Medieval Art and of AVISTA.